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The Health Information Persuasion Exploration (HIPE) framework provides a holistic approach to understanding individual and population influences as well as environmental influences on health behavior. The next two subsections will help guide you in analyzing the attributes of people and place as it relates to COVID-19 vaccine mis/disinformation and vaccine adoption in vulnerable populations.1Mailbach, E., Abroms, L., & Marostis, M (2007). Communication and marketing as tools to cultivate the public's health: A proposed 'People and Places' framework. BMC Public Health, 7(1): 88., 2Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion. Social Determinants of Health.

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Take a closer look at the “People” attributes of a community—things like social norms, values, beliefs, cultures, fears, social networks, vaccine intention, income disparities, all of which contribute to COVID-19 vaccine adoption and health communication.


Learn about the “Place” attributes of a community and their impacts on vaccine uptake— from access to healthcare, to transportation and beyond.

Learn about important “People” attributes of a community to consider when developing COVID-19 vaccine communication.

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